Pearls of Wisdom on Propriety®

Signature Series Lectures and Seminars:

Shore up Your Social Skills!

The Associated Press, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal frequently illuminate the subject of social skills as a career asset.

Further, research from the Carnegie Mellon Foundation, Harvard, MIT, Penn, and the Stanford Institute shows that many colleges and universities recognize the importance of social skills and have added etiquette training to their curriculum. As such, this program is designed specifically for career-bound students and promises to charm.

Signature Series for Schools and Universities:

  • Business Attire and Professional Presence
  • Business Savoir Faire
  • Elaborate Table Manners

Better Business through Better Manners!  

In business, relationships depend on skillful communication, both verbal and nonverbal.

As the ever-growing number of young professionals enter the marketplace and are expected to conduct meetings, negotiate deals, and maintain key clients, polished social skills are proving to be the one sure way to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Good manners don’t cost a thing, but bad ones can cost you clients, revenue, jobs, and promotions, even your reputation. Corporations recognize this and are seeking etiquette training for executives as well as their front-line employees.

Signature Series for Business:

  • Power Lunching and Business Dining
  • Elaborate Table Manners
  • Business Savoir Faire
  • Wine Knowledge
  • Charity and Corporate Affairs
  • Private Members Social and Sports Clubs
  • Social and Business Entertaining


Elizabeth Flowers, DDS

“I found Ms. Neff to be articulate, charming, and incredibly knowledgeable. I am certain she can do for others what she has done brilliantly for me.”


Arthur Greenfeder – Merrill Lynch

“Ms. Neff is a valuable etiquette resource and true professional who understands the demands of modern society and the global business market.  It is a genuine pleasure to do business with her.” 


Sandra Lippy – Israel Tennis Centers, Former International Chairman

“It was wonderful!  The men came home very glad they had gone to your session, having learned some new etiquette tips.  The girls will someday appreciate the experience, I know.  Carly caught herself this morning saying “yea” and corrected to “yes”, so it is working!”


Sandy King – Devoted grandmother

“I just want you to know that the highlight of those five difficult days was your afternoon with those girls.  They now can set a table better than I ever have.  I am just so proud of what they learned from you.  You are just beautiful, an angel- you just walk on a cloud as far as we were all concerned.  Thank you so much I am so indebted to you.

 Shelby took the manners menu and put it in her purse and said she would use it everywhere she goes. I think they took it to heart. You made a huge change in their lives, and mine too.” 


Suzanne Stoll, CIPS, CNE, TRC
International Luxury Realtor – Palm Beach – Europe – NY

“Admirably, Ms. Neff is an incredible source for etiquette and worldly do’s and don’ts. I have known her for over 7 years now and she has been a brilliant power of example in all that she teaches. She is gifting the world with her valuable knowledge, and we cannot help but be extremely grateful to benefit from her resources and true professionalism.”


Lena Yarina, CRA  AstraZeneca

“Loretta is an etiquette mentor for all ages. Her grace, charm and elegant style are second to none.”